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§ Adventures with Ubuntu 9.10 on G4 Yikes!

I have an Apple G4 Yikes! (or PCI Graphics) that I've loved for years.  I ran Jaguar, then Panther, and it currently runs Tiger well enough to suit me.  I got a G5 a while back, so this box got sort of retired, until I picked up some contract work doing websites.  Since I had a whole new set of emails, chat sessions, VOIP, invoices, etc., etc., I turned on my trusty Yikes! and devoted it to all of that stuff for that job.

When I stopped working that contract, my poor old G4 started getting lonely again.  So, the other day I thought maybe I should use it to try Linux again.  I've looked at Linux a number of times through the years, for various reasons, including on old Macs, but never quite got sucked in to being a convert.

"I keep hearing good things about Ubuntu," I thought, "so I think I'll try it; this'll be fun!"

That depends on your definition of fun...

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§ Software that leaves a mess

The other day, my WinXP machine kept bringing up the "let's clean up your hard drive" wizard, which I kept closing.  I finally realized that Explorer claimed that I had 0 bytes available on my system drive!  "Impossible," I thought, "what's wrong now?!  A virus?"  Not quite...

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§ Simpler adding & removing element classnames

Just use the javascript replace function...

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§ Borderless window resizing with WM_NCHITTEST

Want to have a borderless window that can be resized like a normal window?  Use WM_NCHITTEST.

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§ TWMSizing record for Delphi

One way to control custom window sizing is to use the WM_SIZING message, but Delphi doesn't give you what you need to do so.

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§ Avoid email harvesting with javascript

I don't like to put real email addresses on web pages because "harvesters" look for them to add to their spam list.  However, harvesters probably don't run javascript before searching.

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§ IE App Compat VHD

Download Virtual PC VHD files (virtual hard drive) with XP or Vista and IE6, IE7, or IE8 at:


These expire periodically; the download page tells you when it will expire.  Microsoft links change all the time, so you may have to search instead.

You also need Virtual PC, a free download from Microsoft.

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§ External links to new windows

Ok, there's lots of REALLY HEATED discussions about this topic all over the web.  I'm not looking for arguments; I'm just posting what I do here in this blog.

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§ Format apache directory listing

The default directory listing apache shows is controlled by mod_autoindex and it has some options available.

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§ My XP startup items

I have a couple of shortcuts in my startup folder.  These are the "Target" lines of the shortcuts.

The first one gets rid of explorer's showing every zip file as a folder.  You know how many zip files I've got?  The /s at the end makes it not show a dialog box when it's finished.

%windir%\system32\regsvr32.exe /u zipfldr.dll /s

The second maps w: to my localhost root.  Good ol' DOS commands!

%windir%\system32\subst.exe w: e:\wamp\www

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