m3uEdit iconm3uEdit v1.2

Freeware for personal use. For other purposes please contact "Sales at SlashbackAssociates.com".

m3uEdit is a simple m3u playlist creator/editor. You can drag-n-drop ANY type of files from Windows Explorer and they will be added to the end of the playlist. It accepts any filetype so that playlists for any media type can be made. For instance, Windows Media Player can play various videos, WMA, and MP3 files from a single m3u playlist.

You can drag the filenames around to get them in the order you want. You can delete items from the list. You can edit an item by clicking it a second time. Then save the file. That's it.

Only one option: Include (or not) m3uEdit in the context menus of m3u files. This means you can right-click any m3u file and pick m3uEdit to start editing that file.

Suggestion are always welcome. Please include the product name in the subject line of any email.
Use the Contact form or email "m3uEdit at SlashbackAssociates.com".

m3uEdit was developed using Borland Delphi.
Distribution package created with Inno Setup.

To do:
Development on this version has ended unless bugs are found.

version 1.2
Can "Remove Drives" to make filenames relative to drive root. Rearranged menu structure to be more consistent.
Cleaned up code (possible memory leak).
Minor cosmetic changes.

version 1.1
Can "Remove Paths" to leave only filenames in list.
Now always uses correct m3u (Windows) filetype.

version 1.0
Took a clue from MFC and switched to document/view architecture.

version 1.0
Created it.

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