Privacy Policy

We value you as a customer and value your privacy.

The purpose of this privacy statement is to provide you with information concerning our services, the types of information we are provided or obtain ourselves through visits to or use of our website, how we use that information, whether we disclose the information provided to us to others and the options you have with regard to the use of and correction of that information.

What Information do we collect? How do we use it?

Slashback Associates, Inc. does not actively request any personally identifiable information from its customers, clients, or visitors. You may choose to send information by email or an online contact form. Any personally identifiable information you may provide will be held in confidence, pursuant to this policy. No personally identifiable information is stored on this website or internet server.

We may also provide links from our website to third party websites who may provide services to you directly or on our behalf. THE PRIVACY POLICIES OF THESE THIRD PARTY SITES MAY BE DIFFERENT FROM OUR PRIVACY POLICIES AND WILL GOVERN ANY TRANSACTIONS UNDERTAKEN ON THAT SITE. We urge you to review the privacy policy of any site to which you are linked.

Purchases of Slashback Associates, Inc.'s products, licenses, or services are made through SWREG, Inc. Information provided to SWREG, Inc. for the purpose of such purchases may be provided to Slashback Associates, Inc. This information may include, but may not be limited to: name; company name; address; phone number; and payment method, such as check, PayPal or credit card type (Visa, MasterCard, etc.). No specific credit card or other financial information is provided to Slashback Associates, Inc.

Any personally identifiable information received by Slashback Associates, Inc. will be used only for keeping business records or to fulfill requests for technical support, pursuant to this policy.

Will Slashback Associates, Inc. give me notice of requests for my information made by law enforcement or governmental agencies?

No. Slashback Associates, Inc. may be required to respond to subpoenas, court orders or be asked to respond to other legitimate requests for your personal information from appropriate law enforcement or governmental authorities. In such situations, we will release personally identifiable information to third parties and organizations when we believe it is appropriate for us to do so in order to comply with the law or to protect against fraud. We will also release such information:

(a) to cooperate with law enforcement or other governmental investigations (without necessarily requiring the law enforcement or government agency requesting the information to formally serve us with a subpoena),
(b) to comply with all valid court orders or subpoenas,
(c) to protect our legal rights and those of our users; and/or
(d) when we believe it is needed for fraud protection and/or credit risk reduction.

Slashback Associates, Inc. also reserves the right to report to such entities any activities that we believe to be unlawful. Any report made under this paragraph will be made without prior notice to you.

In the event Slashback Associates, Inc. merges with another entity, is acquired by another entity, or enters into a business combination with another entity, Slashback Associates, Inc. may be required to disclose some or all of your personally identifiable information to that entity to continue serving you.

What about cookies?

"Cookies" are a technique that uses information stored on your browser. Slashback Associates, Inc.'s cookies are used only to assist in filling out online forms. If you do not want cookies in your browser, you may set your browser to reject cookies or to notify you when a website attempts to place a cookie in your browser.

Non-personally identifiable information

We may also collect other information which does not in and of itself identify a specific individual. This information includes IP addresses, search terms, domain names and browser types. We use this information to track usage and other patterns on our websites.

Information sharing

Slashback Associates, Inc. does not sell, trade or rent personal information to anyone. We will not use or share your personally identifiable information with others except those individuals or entities which we have engaged to provide services to you, for those purposes set forth above or with your consent.

Your choices

Slashback Associates, Inc. will not share or use your personal information in ways unrelated to the purpose for which you provided us the information, without providing you the opportunity to consent to such unrelated uses. At the time you provide your information, we will offer you a choice as to whether or not you wish to receive further communications about special offers, product information or other marketing messages. We may provide this information to our business partners and suppliers. If you choose not to receive these communications, we will not use your personally identifiable information for this purpose.

Accuracy and access

Slashback Associates, Inc. will provide you with the ability to access your personal information maintained on our system and permit you to review and correct that personal information or change your choices or preferences with regard to that personal information; for instance, whether or not you wish to be contacted about specials or new products. We reserve the right to protect our own or other's confidential or personal information in connection with your review and correction and further reserve the right to charge you a reasonable fee for access to your personal information dependent on the nature and scope of your request and the difficulty in complying with your request.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Slashback Associates, Inc. may amend this Policy from time-to-time. We suggest you visit this website periodically to determine whether or not any such changes have been made.

Slashback Associates, Inc. contact information

If you have questions or comments or would like to contact us concerning our Privacy Statement or if you feel your inquiry or request has not been handled to your satisfaction, please contact Slashback Associates via e-mail at "Privacy at".

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