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Freeware for personal use. For other purposes please contact "Sales at".

metronome is, well, a simple metronome. Type the beats per minute you want and click Play, or just press return. It will tick away, with a light flashing on each beat. Stop it by pressing escape or clicking Stop.

If you select Color... from the menu you can choose what color the flashing light uses. Since metronome does not save any settings, each time you run it it will use the default color again.

Note: metronome has not been tested for accuracy. On some machines, using high beats per minute will slow it down if the window (i.e., the light) is made too large. This depends on the capabilities of the machine.

Suggestion are always welcome. Please include the product name in the subject line of any email.
Use the Contact form or email "metronome at".

metronome was created with Xcode.

Couldn't find a simple metronome, so wrote it.

Oppuk gazed down at the creature in disgust.  Not only had it forced its barbaric name upon him, it smelled of floral aromatics, which the denizens of this world often applied to themselves in the mistaken belief that the natural scents of their bodies were noisome, while blatant artificial odors were somehow more acceptable.
Oppuk, The Course of Empire, Eric Flint & K.D. Wentworth