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Freeware for personal use. For other purposes please contact "Sales at SlashbackAssociates.com".

Install PicPop, right-click on a picture (jpg, gif, or bmp), and you will see a thumbnail of the picture in the context menu. Click on the thumbnail and the picture will open in a window. When viewing in the window, you can zoom in (press the up arrow or the + key), zoom out (down arrow or - key), or reset to full size (either / key). Pressing Escape will close the window.

Select "PicPop Thumbnail Size..." just above the thumbnail in the menu and choose how big you want the thumbnail to be. This also doubles as an about box with some information.

If you want to uninstall PicPop, use the shortcut in the Start Menu, or the Add/Remove Control Panel. This will set things up so that it is uninstalled the next time Windows starts.

Suggestion are always welcome. Please include the product name in the subject line of any email.
Use the Contact form or email "PicPop at SlashbackAssociates.com".

PicPop was developed using Borland Delphi.
Distribution package created with Setup Generator.

version 1.0
couldn't find a free one, so wrote it.

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