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Freeware for personal use. For other purposes please contact "Sales at".

SineSeq plays a sequence of sine waves. Each frequency is played for a number of seconds. Each frequency and duration is a line in a file. Open the file in SineSeq and it is ready to play.

The files are plain text files and each line starts with a frequency, followed by a comma, then the duration in seconds. If no duration is specified, the frequency will play for three minutes. Comments lines should begin with a "#" character. White space is ignored. Here is a sample:

# This line is a comment.
2128, 180
#This one will play for 180 seconds.

The entire list of frequencies is called a program. Press "return" and the program will start. Press "p" to pause the program; press "p" again and it will resume. Press "n" to go to the next frequency; press "v" to go to the previous one. The program can be stopped with the "delete" key. SineSeq can also be controlled from the menu. When the last frequency is finished an alert will tell you the program is complete.

You can always double-click a line and it will start playing from that point in the program. No matter how you start playing, SineSeq will play the highlighted line, then continue down the list. If you highlight a line that is not the one currently playing, then when the one that is playing finishes SineSeq will go on to the one following the highlighted one.

Below the frequency list is a status area. While the program is running it shows the current frequency and the time remaining for that frequency. You can shrink the window to its smallest size and still see the status. The status area is large enough to be seen several feet away.

Note: SineSeq has not been fully tested for accuracy, but tuning by ear, it appears to be identical with a Windows version (written by someone with proper instruments). It would be greatly appreciated if someone with a frequency counter could test it.

Suggestion are always welcome. Please include the product name in the subject line of any email.
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SineSeq was created with Xcode.

Windows has similar programs but needed one for an iBook.

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