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§ Adjust iframe height to contents

Some javascript in an iframe's content page can adjust the height of the iframe to its content.

Make sure the enclosing iframe has name="" and id="" exactly the same.

The window.name of a page in an iframe is the name of the iframe


function setParentIframeHeight() {
  var ifrm;
  if(ifrm=parent.document.getElementById(window.name)) {
    ifrm.height=500;  //or whatever. Some layouts won't shrink if a specific amount isn't set here.
    ifrm.height=document.body.scrollHeight + 30;
function makeDoubleDelegate(function1, function2) {
  return function() {
    if (function1)
    if (function2)
window.onload = makeDoubleDelegate(window.onload, setParentIframeHeight);


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